Return request

Arrange your return in a few steps

  • Register your return shipment
    Fill in the return form and email it to your our ordertraffic within 6 weeks from the invoice date.
    Applications must be complete, stating article number, description model, color, size, number of articles and reference to order number or invoice number.
    Items that are no longer in the current collection or that have been invoiced with a discount will not be accepted as a return item.
    Download your returnform here

  • Prepare your return
    After receiving your return form, BQS Textiles will check whether it contains all the necessary information for efficient processing of your return.
    Please check that the items are unused, undamaged, clean and not personalized.
    You check whether the articles are neatly folded and packed, provided with original tags and preferably packed in the original packaging.
    Pack the items in a sturdy box, add the return form and send the shipment to:

    BQS Textiles
    T.a.v. Retouren
    Donker Duyvisweg 56
    3316BM Dordrecht

    The return shipment must be received by BQS Textiles within the period of 8 weeks after the invoice date.

  • Your return will be checked
    After receipt of the return, it will be checked.

    a. The return item is approved.
    The return item is included in inventory as salable.

    b. The return item is rejected.
    If your return is rejected, you will be informed by BQS Textiles by email, after which you can receive the rejected goods back at your written request (within 5 working days).
    Please take our standard shipping costs into account.
    BQS Textiles reserves the right to donate goods to a charity after your decision period of 5 working days.
  • Handling your return
    After complete processing of your return you will receive a credit on which 10% return costs will also be deducted.
    Return costs will lapse if the cause of the return lies with BQS Textiles.

FAQ - Returns

Can I return items?
It is possible to return items. The items you return must meet a number of conditions:
  • You must report a return within a period of 6 weeks after the invoice date. Items that ar returned must be receive by our warehouse within 8 weeks of the invoice date;
  • Items are unused, undamaged, clean and not personalized (fitting an item is not cinsidered a used item);
  • Articles are present in the current collection;
  • Items are invoiced without discount.

Can items only be returned in the original packaging?

Return items hsould preferably be sent and delivered in the original packaging. The return items must have the original tags.

Are there any charges for returning an item?
We charge a 10% return fee when an item is returned to us. These costs will be settled in your credit note.

What happens after my return is received?
Once BQS Textiles has received and processed your return, you will receive a credit not or additional information via email.

I have not yet received my credit note, when do you expect to send it?
It is possible that items are sent to the manufacturer for assessment.
In these cases it may take longer before your return is processed.
Once we have received the manufacturer's assessment, your return will be processed.

My question is not listed here, what now?
If your question is not answered aboce, please contact your contact person at BQS Textiles.
Your contact person can be reached via email or by telefphone on +31 (0)78 691 95 42.


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