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Who are we?

BQS Textiles is a professional and ambitious total supplier, known for embroidery quality in our own embroidery department, service, flexibility, fast deliveries and competitive prices.

What are we doing?

We provide services in the embroidery and printing of textiles, as well as the supply of textiles without finishing. The brands we offer are James & Nicholson, Myrtle Beach, Karlowsky, MBW, Halfar, Fare and our own brand The One Toweling.


In 2003 BQS opened its doors in Alblasserdam, until we moved in 2006 to Ambachtstraat 7 in Dordrecht. In 2009 we placed a large extension in this building. This made room for two extra offices, a dining room, toilets and a large-sized showroom. However, in 2014 we entered the Robijn 600 in the Dordtse Kil III, where there is more space to better divide the stock of The One Towelling.
In 2019 BQS Textiles had 3 warehouses in use: Robijn, Ambachtstraat and Korte Parallelweg, all located in Dordrecht. All this for the distribution of the stock of the terry cloth brand The One Toweling. This is the reason that in 2020 BQS had to undergo a relocation.

Timeline in chronological order (using timeline)

2003 Founding of BQS Borduur Quality Service BV in the business premises at 69 Ohmweg, in Alblasserdam

                Machine park contains 12 embroidery heads in 2003

2004 Machinepark expands to 20 embroidery heads

2005 Machine park expands to 28 embroidery heads

2006 Relocation to Ambachtstraat 7, in Dordrecht

                BQS becomes co-owner of Kinkoma’s embroidery company located in Mataró, Barcelona (Spain) with a capacity of 120 embroidery heads

2008 Machine park expands to 32 embroidery heads

2009 Business premises Ambachtstraat 7 expanded with new building: Two extra office spaces, one dining room, two toilets and a

                large-format showroom

                From contract embroiderer to total supplier by adding 2 brands: James & Nicholson (textile) & Myrtle Beach (headgear)

2010 Total supplier of 3 brands through the addition of the Karlowsky brand (catering)

2011 Total supplier of 4 brands through the addition of the Halfar brand (bags)

2012 creation of own terry cloth brand: The One Toweling. As a result, BQS carries 5 brands.

2013 Machinepark expands to 40 embroidery heads

2014 Relocation to the Robijn 600, in Dordrecht.

2016 Machinepark expands to 48 heads

2017 BQS adds 2 brands to its arsenal: Fare (umbrellas) and MBW (accessories and gadgets). This makes BQS

               Total supplier of 7 brands, including the option of finishing the textile

2018 Change of trade name: BQS Borduur Quality Service BV becomes BQS Best Quality Service BV

               Machine park expands to 56 heads

2019 BQS opens offices in Pakistan to start up its own weaving mills

2020 Relocation to 4th company building: Donker Duyvisweg 56 in Dordrecht. With more than 6500 m2, BQS can meet the growing demand

2020 BQS introduces the renewed website www.bqstextiles.com where all brands are linked


Why BQS Textiles?

BQS Borduur Quality Service BV has been active as an embroidery supplier on the promotional market since 2003 and only serves resellers. Thanks to our years of experience and our location in Spain, we master all facets of embroidery and we can define ourselves as an embroidery specialist. Since 2010 we have started on the concept "Total supplier" due to market demand. Supplying textiles including finishing takes care of you, gives you more time for other activities and thus makes an enormous contribution to your successes. BQS Best Quality Service B.V. has grown into a top supplier with one of the widest and most fashionable textile lines.

Curious what we can do for you? Contact us today by phone or via offerte@bqstextiles.com


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