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    Service and warranty

    See Art. 15 Warranty (Terms and Conditions)

    1. BQS guarantees the goodness of the work performed and / or goods delivered by BQS, with the understanding that BQS as a result of improperly performed work or not properly delivered goods within 3 months after completion of the work and / or the delivery of the non-reliable goods will carry out the agreed work again and the bad goods will be replaced or repaired at BQS's discretion. This only applies insofar as the liability for damage is not excluded in the present general conditions.

    2. Defects that have arisen as a result of abnormal wear due to improper or incorrect use or maintenance or after a change or repair made by the client / buyer himself or by a third party without the consent of BQS and / or by order of the client / materials or methods used by the buyer are not covered by the guarantee.

    3. A warranty claim only exists if the client / buyer has met all his obligations towards BQS (both financially and otherwise) in a timely and complete manner.

    4. In the case described in paragraph 1, the client / buyer must ensure that BQS can carry out the originally agreed work again.

    5. If the client / buyer can rely on a manufacturer's guarantee provided by the manufacturer and / or supplier of the delivered goods, that guarantee shall apply between the parties, on the understanding that the guarantee given by BQS can never be greater than these guarantees.

    6. The present general conditions apply equally to repair or replacement.